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March 2010



Wakeboarding HD

Grab your board and hold on tight! Wakeboarding HD drops players into 20 high-speed, water-filled arcade levels to maneuver through tracks, perform high-flying tricks, collect bonuses and avoid dangers from exploding mines to bloodthirsty sharks. Show your skills and wreak havoc as the tropical paradise resort transforms into an action-packed extreme playground.

Key Game Features


  • High-speed arcade platform gameplay – Jump onto docks and over boats, balance on rails and waves, and launch over buildings and landmarks.
  • Crazy tricks and stunts – Take Flip, grab, roll and spin as you hurl across the water and through the air. Smash through billboards and boats, splash the bikini-clad babes.
  • Feel the surf – Prepare The ocean's beauty and the wakes ferocity vividly come to life in state-of-the-art water simulation.
  • Multiplayer – Race against your buddy in any mission with side-by-side split screen action.


"So, seemingly out of nowhere, Wakeboarding HD has shot to the top of my want list for the PSN. I didn't have a huge amount of interest for the game previous but that's now completely changed - I can't wait to get my hands on the finished game and play through the whole thing! " - TheSixthAxis.com

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