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February 2011



Wackylands Boss


What’s the best way to keep a monster happy? Total destruction, of course! Explore the Trogon Kingdom in the world of Wackylands Boss as your own customizable monster and show the so-called “heroes” who’s in charge. Crush knights, smash archers, and slay swarms of pesky ninjas in your quest to prevent a fairy tale ending. Gobble up as many princesses you can find to sustain your strength and continue your path of destruction. Gain experience points and collect gold to buy upgrades, weapons and accessories for your monster. Continue to evolve and create the meanest monster you can!

Key Game Features


  • Customize Your Character – Team Choose from hundreds of combinations to customize your character’s look. Modify his face, arms, legs and body to make him the meanest (or funniest) looking monster around!
  • Upgrade and Evolve – Gain experience to level-up and upgrade your stats as you demolish the kingdom. Unlock evolutions to gain special fighting abilities.
  • Hours of Mayhem – Replay stages to gain extra gold and experience. For an added adrenaline boost, see how you fare against continuous attack in the Arena.
  • 12 Colorfully-Drawn Scenarios Destroy enemies throughout vibrant, cartoony levels in four themed environments: Forest, Ice, Village, and Castle!


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