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March 2013



Psych Yourself


Electrify your brain and discover the power of your personality with Psych Yourself, the follow-up to the 2011 PlayStation®Network best-seller, Test Yourself: Psychology!  Explore the bounds of your creativity, master both your emotions and those around you, and propel your perception abilities to powerful new heights. Excite your mind and satiate your desires with Psych Yourself!

Improve your inner self and Psych Yourself today!

  • Delve into your inner-most psyche. Measure your Perception, Creativity and Emotional IQ. 
  • Daily Test and Training. Track progress with an in-depth, professional evaluation of your performance. Training modes to practice, and play separate games that further enhance your abilities.
  • Social Functions. Evaluate the psyches of your PlayStation®Network friends, even if they don't know about the game yet, and find out what they think about you!
  • Video Tests. Go beyond still images - extensive video clips are included as part of the 'Emotional IQ' tests. Just how well can you read other people?





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