E 10 +



Creat Studios




November 2011




Battle Pinball explodes onto the scene in the amazing Pinballistik! Race for points or beat the clock, all the while griefing your opponent in the most intense competitive pinball action ever devised. For the purists, there are fully realized and authentic Classic tables too!

Key Game Features

  • Explosive Battle Pinball: For the first time, duke it out with two players on the same pinball table! Use griefing tactics to gain an edge over your buddy or, for the first time ever in pinball games, face off against a cunning AI opponent. Warning: Intense action, these tables are not for the faint of heart!
  • Authentic Classic Pinball: Amazing physics fused with animated targets and story-like features create an unforgettable pinball experience.
  • Compete for Pinball Dominance: Aim for the top spot at the online Rankings - there are many game configuration options and all game modes are tracked.
  • Build your Own Arcade: Start out in the Wild-West with ‘Circle The Wagons’. Blast into the final frontier with ‘Sector X’ and rake in a fortune with the ‘Made of Money’ add-on tables, all available now. Every table has both Battle and Classic modes.
  • Tons of Trophies: All themed tables have their own unique and engaging trophies to aim for with 525 points to be gained in all!


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