March 2010



Hamster Ball

Take control of a hamster-in-a-ball and get set to run the most frenzied race of your life!  The clock is ticking and everything is out to stop you - with crazy obstacles around every turn, unexpected twists and dramatic drops, each level will immerse and challenge you in new and inventive ways.  Race solo, against a friend, or battle up to six buddies in Sumo Mode.  You better buckle up, 'cause this ain't grandma's hamster in a wheel!

Key Game Features

Three game modes delivering over 50 action packed levels plus exciting unlockables:

  • Race – Race mode is a frantic race to the goal. Grab power ups like clocks and piggy banks, avoid obstacles and get your hamster to saftey before the timer runs out.
  • Sumo – See if your hamster can be King of the Hill by knocking the other hamsters off of the world.  Score points by holding your own ground while you bump your friends into oblivion.
  • Classic – Roll your hamster around an obstacle-ridden track as you traverse your way to the goal.
  • Multiplayer – Hamster Ball supports both single and local multiplayer with two-player split-screen for Race Mode and up to six players for Sumo Mode.


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