Creat Studios




April 2010



Freekscape: Escape From Hell

Freekscape, developed by Kidguru Studios in San Paolo, Brazil and published by Creat Studios, introduces Freek, a cute little demon who found a holy trident which infused him with ideas of ascending to Heaven.  Help Freek escape the fire and brimstone in this action platform adventure by attaching a variety of hellish creatures to his trident, turning it into different tools, depending on each enemy's property.  Run, jump, attack and solve puzzles to advance Freek through a twisted 3D netherworld.

Key Game Features

Harness the power of the trident by capturing different enemies.  While and elastic-bed-like enemy will transform the trident into a pogo stick, a sharp toothed enemy turns it into a cutting machine.  Embrace or avoid the creatures, depending on their emotional state.

  • Dynamic Action.  Adventure through 15 challenging levels in 3D, with 2D side-scrolling controls.
  • Featured creatures - Encounter numerous bizarre creatures, both friend and foe.
  • Explore the netherworld - Discover secret areas and hidden passages.



"Clever Game!  One of the better PlayStation Minis that I've seen... [and] for an affordable price." - Classic Game Room HD

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