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June 2007



Biker Mice From Mars

The Biker Mice From Mars are on a quest to get hold of the Regenerator - the only device that can save their home planet from destruction. Stoker, a famous General from the Martian Wars, is the only one who can build it for them, but he has been kidnapped and is being held captive at Rump Towers. They must rescue Stoker, protect him from the bad guys and help him collect some of the vital components he needs to build the regenerator. Will they be able to protect both the regenerator and Stokes?

Take on the role of each of the three Biker Mice: the cool leader, Throttle, the fun dare devil, Vinnie, and the gentle giant, Modo in their battle against their enemies. Throughout their missions Charley and General Carbine will be giving them tutorials and other tips on how to fight and they need all the help they can get with some serious bad guys to deal with who will stop at nothing to get what they want!


"The 2D combat and platforming is legitimately good in this game...It's simple to learn but at the same time poses a challenge for experienced gamers."
- Gamestooge

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