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November 2005



American Chopper 2: Full Throttle

It's bigger, badder and better than ever with more of everything you love about the original game. Play as Paul Senior, Paulie, Mikey and Vinnie and experience the pressure and drama of the Discovery Channel's hit TV series as you build four custom choppers for a motorcycle competition.

Deal with the conflicts and problems that arise when you compete in family battles, races, and other biker challenges in order to earn your parts and respect from Paul Senior. Everything culminates in a final showdown - are your custom creations up to the challenge?


  • Play as Mikey, Vinnie, Paul Sr. & Paulie.
  • 12 theme bikes from the show - including the Fire Bike, Liberty Bike, Future Bike, plus new bikes.
  • Three times the number of parts featured in the 1st game for maximum customization! Parts now affect your speed, handling and acceleration, etc. Paint, chrome, powder coat and add decals to your chopper.
  • Earn better parts and respect from Paul Senior by competing in family battles, races and challenges.
  • Lifelike physics and handling: each bike handles differently! Perform more chopper stunts: jumps, wheelies, burnouts and more. Spectacular crashes with various outcomes - dump, slide, flip, etc.
  • A variety of themed challenges and gameplay elements will test your chopper skills: race, perform stunts including sliding under a semi-trailer, experience police chases, and more!


"The experience in the shop is great. There are tons of ways to customize bikes, and every character has their own storyline that keeps the game feeling like the show. Models look great, and production value is strong."

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