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Production and Design

Creat's experienced crew of designers, artists and engineers tirelessly deliver innovative and cutting-edge games for all major handheld and console platforms. Our veterans bring decades of talent to both original creations and well-established intellectual properties.

Well-planned design allows for early, "Vertical Slice" gameplay testing. Creat's team crafts a full-bodied gameplay experience while wholly integrating our publisher partners into the development process.


Gleb Yaltchik

Gleb Yaltchik -- Production Director

Gleb has fifteen years of software engineering experience. He joined Creat in 2002 as Production Manager in St. Petersburg and acted as Producer for American Chopper. Gleb is responsible for Creat's game development pipeline and managing production departments.


Mike Glazyrin

Mike Glazyrin -- Executive Producer

In 1996, Mike joined Creat as a lead programmer where he expanded Creat's technology into the console environment by developing a rendering engine on the PlayStation 2. Mike was Producer on American Chopper 2: Full Throttle. He now supervises all project teams in our St.Petersburg studio.


Aleksey Rehlov

Aleksey Rehlov -- Design Director

Aleksey is a seven year veteran of the game industry who joined Creat in 2004 and rose quickly to a Manager role in 2005. Aleksey manages the design department and is a key member of Creat's games concept development team. He supervises game design on all of our projects in the Russian studio.

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